Better Route Optimization with GPS Tracking System

Bypassing the Traffic Jams with GPS Tracking Route Optimization

Drivers are not the only people affected by traffic jams.These jam-packed roads affect everyone from managers to dispatchers. Who are especially affected are the trucking industry’s CEOs and CFOs who are dealing with the almost $50 billion in industry losses every year due to their trucks being stopped for long periods every day.

Thankfully, with GPS fleet tracking, managers and fleet drivers can avoid traffic jam locations by being able to plan their routes around them. Optimum routing with GPS tracking for fleets can help dispatchers, drivers and managers are more productive and efficient.

Some optimum routing decisions could come from knowing where there are potential alternative routes around traffic-jammed roads if these alternatives have lower speed limits or stop lights or if it would even be quicker for the driver to ensure the traffic jams instead.

There are many advantages of GPS fleet tracking which include:


Reducing Fuel Wastage:

GPS routing can help you find the shortest, most fuel-efficient routes, all the while helping you avoid congested traffic situations that waste fuel.

Ensuring On-Time Deliveries:

With fleet GPS tracking drivers can avoid the traffic jammed roads by finding the better routes they can improve on-time deliveries

Improving Customer Service:

GPS fleet tracking allows fleet owners to schedule more effectively to make meeting customer expectations easier than ever before. The real-time monitoring allows drivers to redirect, on the go, in order to avoid costly traffic delays that might make them late for their appointments.

Reducing Maintenance Costs:

GPS tracking system can monitor mileage in order to inform you (via email, SMS notification) when preventative maintenance repairs and services are required. It’s one less detail you’ll need to track on your own and taking care of the preventative maintenance can save significant maintenance and repairs down the line.Proper preventative maintenance may even extend the life of your vehicles and heavy equipment. This saves your construction business even more money.

Reducing Wasted Driver Time:

By finding the accurate and short routes the drivers can save their time instead of wasting time in traffic routes and ensure on-time deliveries. By this, on time deliveries customer services also improved which rise the business efficiency and profitability.

Improves Driver Safety:

There’s nothing quite like knowing you’re being monitored for things like safe driving, not speeding, and sticking to your route to keep your drivers on the straight and narrow. The added benefit is that it helps improve driver safety while protecting your vehicles, your cargo, and your profits. It can also help to reduce your insurance costs

Avoiding traffic jams may also lessen the risk of your drivers being involved in accidents that would lead to costly repairs and higher insurance rates.

Although GPS fleet tracking technology can’t entirely solve the issue, it can reduce the amount of time that drivers have to sit in jams and waste productive hours. It can even help to plan better routing systems to help drivers avoid traffic jams altogether.

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