GPS Fleet Tracking Reports Can Improve Fleet Drivers Behavior

GPS Fleet Tracking System

When it comes to fleet company reliable and safe drivers are important. GPS fleet tracking solutions come with distinct features real-time tracking, customized reports, historic route playback of path traversed, comprehensive route analysis, fuel monitoring etc., Driving behaviours like idling, speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and hard acceleration can waste fuel and likely cost money in traffic tickets as well. Furthermore, when your drivers get into a serious accident, there is the risk of liability that comes with stiff penalties.


Useful GPS fleet tracking reports that can Improve driving behaviour of fleet drivers:


Geo-Fence Reports:

Fleet owners can receive geo-fence alerts whenever their fleet drivers are coming in and exiting designated geofenced locations.When clicking on the GPS tracking report, lists will be displayed with details all your zones and devices.

Aggressive Driving Reports:

Aggressive driving always causes a dangerous situation for both fleet drivers and fleet owners. GPS tracking technology can alert fleet owners by SMS if any sudden Increases or decreases in speed which typically indicates the driver is driving aggressively.

Speeding Reports:

The speeding report shows that all speed alerts that were triggered. Just set the alert up in the alerts menu to see the report data. To see only speeding incidents, go to “speeding report”.

Vehicle Idling Reports

If fleet drivers are idling excessively, this wastes fuel and will cost your fleet business money. The GPS tracking technology provides fleet owners with data on all vehicle idling incidents that are longer than a minimum specified time you designate.

Location to Location Reports:

GPS tracking system also generates location wise reports including vehicle location in time reports, out time reports and also a location to location trip reports. By using all the reports fleet owners can make correct decisions.

Vehicle Reports:

With GPS tracking system,fleet owners able to take various reports

  • Trip Wise Reports
  • Driver Wise Trip Reports
  • Trips Driven per Day
  • Vehicle/Driver Login and Logout Timings


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