Benefits of GPS Tracking System for School Buses:

Advantages of GPS Tracking System for School Buses

Live Tracking of School Bus:

With real-time GPS tracking device parents and school, administration locates the exact location of the school bus. When a bus is about to arrive at pick up or drop location SMS or App alert will be sent to Parent or guardian. Which help parents to save time waiting at bus stops in unpredictable traffic conditions in cities.

Increased  Children Safety:

GPS  tracking keeps track of school buses in real time and also send SMS notifications to parents like school bus arrival times, dropping timings. This reduces the number of time children has to wait for buses in a bus stop and minimizes their exposure to inclement weather, and various other dangers they can be exposed to while waiting for school bus.


Route Deviation Alerts:

Automated alerts and notifications will send from school bus GPS tracking system when the bus deviates from its assigned route.

Over Speed Alerts:

Over speed alerts will be sent to parents and school administration whenever the driver engages in a rash and unsafe driving so, the school administrator can make the field personnel responsible for his actions. With this information, staff, parents, and students won’t have to worry.

Parental Monitoring System to Ensure more Safety of  their Kids:

By integrating RFID to GPS tracking device, Student attendance can also be monitored while boarding and deboarding the bus. Which will also help in ensuring the safety of kids/ Students. A Camera can also be integrated with the tracking system.

Monitoring Bus Driver Driving Behavior:

School bus GPS tracking system school administration can monitor the driving behaviour of drivers like distance travelled, route, Ideal time, speed etc. The school bus tracking systems can also generate useful reports that school administrators can use to optimize routes for drivers.

Track Fuel Costs with GPS tracking:

By keeping track of mileage and the routes that drivers take, school administration can track and manage fuel costs. School Administration can ensure drivers are efficiently driving their buses, that they are observing speed limits and that they are staying on their scheduled routes.

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