How TrackMyAsset can help track Heavy Equipment?

How can TrackMyAsset help Track Heavy Equipment?


Heavy equipment, generally used in mining, irrigation projects, construction, is a huge investment. Which is why using these equipment at peak is very important for the profitable business. Business should avoid, Idling, Rough usage of equipment to keep maintenance and operational cost under control.

Fleet management, Fuel monitoring is very important aspects of maintaining these Assets.

With TrackMyAsset GPS/GPRS Tracking solution, you can monitor every move of you equipment 24/7. Our system generates a lot of other reports like driver behavior, Idling, Fuel consumption etc with will keep management informed to make the better decisions.

If you belong to any of the industries, we can help you track and monitor your Assets

  • Construction Companies
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Food Trucks
  • Manufacturing
  • Roads and Buildings
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  • Energy and Utility