Types of GPS Tracking Devices:

GPS tracking devices are mostly categorized into three types namely

Data Loggers

Data Pushers

Data Pullers

Now we can go through each GPS tracking devices usage briefly

Data Loggers:

Data loggers can logs the position a device at regular intervals in its internal memory. Modern GPS loggers consist of either a memory card slot or an internal flash memory card and a USB port.Some GPS data loggers act as a USB flash drive. This USB flash drive allows downloading of the track log data for further analysis in a computer.

Data loggers are small in size, battery-powered and portable devices. Data loggers equipped with a microprocessor, internal memory for data storage, and sensors. Some data loggers interface with a personal computer and use software to activate the data logger and view and analyze the collected data, while others have a local interface device (keypad, LCD) and can be used as a stand-alone device.

Benefits of using GPS data loggers:

  • Ability to automatically collect data on a 24-hour basis.
  • Data loggers are typically deployed and left unattended to measure and record information for the duration of the monitoring period.

Data Pushers:

These are the most commonly used GPS tracking devices for different applications like asset tracking, personal tracking and vehicle tracking system.

Data pushers can send the data including the exact location of the devices or person, speed, altitude and other information instantly to the determined servers.

GPS trackers provide data “push” technology, enabling sophisticated GPS tracking in business environments, specifically organizations that employ a mobile workforce, such as a commercial fleet.

 Data Pullers:

Unlike data pushers data pullers also, send the position of the devices at regular intervals via push technology, these devices are always on, and can be queried as often as required (pull technology).

Data pullers can often be used in the case where the location of the tracker will only need to be known occasionally.

E.g:  Placed in property that may be stolen, or that does not have the constant source of energy to send data on a regular basis, like freights or containers.

Data Pullers are coming into more common usage in the form of devices containing a GPS receiver and a cell phone which can be sent a special SMS message reply to the message with their location


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