Real-Time GPS Tracking System

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Increases the Safety & Success of a Business

Monitoring vehicles at the job site is a big challenging for business owners or fleet managers. Whether their driver is reaching the delivery place on time or they are idling somewhere, this information is really important to run an effective business.Moreover, if you are anxious whether your employees are taking vehicles at their own place or exceeding the speed limit or going forbidden places. All these information have to be checked out.GPS Vehicle Tracking System is a real-time solution for your driver monitoring needs.

With GPS vehicle tracking system, In the scope of the data, many reports and alerts can be generated. Below are few reports and alerts that can be generated any other maps

History playback or path traversed by the vehicle:

Using GPS tracking system 6 to 12 months of data is stored in the system and one can check the  path traversed by vehicles at any time

Get Real-Time Alerts:

Fleet managers or business owners can set the maximum speed limit for their vehicles whenever a driver cross the maximum speed limit managers can get alerted with SMS

Geo-Fence Alerts:

Managers or business owners can set Geo-fences and get alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves the Geo-fence live status of the vehicle including speeding, direction, distance traveled and location on Google maps and other maps.

Fuel Consumption:

Users can monitor fuel level with the advanced fuel sensors integrated with GPS tracking device. Existing resistive type fuel sensor can be used to monitor but, it’s not very accurate but is a cheaper option. Capacitive or ultrasonic fuel sensor give more accurate with 1% tolerance. Which is bit expensive.

While you are a business owner, then nothing can be more important for you than the return on Investment (ROI). Upon installing GPS tracking device, you will be able to gauge benefits of this product. Moreover, you will be able to save over time, excessive payroll expenses, excessive wear, and tear on your vehicles, wastage of company time, uncontrollable and unnecessary fuel charges.


GPS devices are recommended for different purposes.Few of their applications are mentioned below:

  • Business Owners can optimize their business with GPS tracking system and their security is assured which can surely improve their business productivity and profitability.
  • Service Companies like Delivery, Plumbing can enhance their customer service.
  • As a security device, it can help in actions of first responders like police, paramedics, and security companies.
  • Parents of teen drivers can be assured of their children by monitoring their driving behavior using GPS tracking system and it’s automated alerts
  • Trucking Companies can easily monitor where their cargo vehicles are at all times  and
  • Any family is more secure with these wakeful devices.

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