Best GPS Tracking Solutions for Milk Transportation Trucks

How TrackMyAsset is Helping Dairy Industry

TrackMyAsset, as the name suggests, is a GPS/GPRS Asset tracking solution provider and has very wide range of applications in different industries like Dairy, Logistics, School Bus, Employee transport etc which involves transportation.

milk truck tracking solutions

Dairy industry in India and operations

90% of the milk produced in India is collected from individual farmers by milk collection agents. This collected milk is then transported to a nearby chilling station owned by Specific Dairy or company. A Chilling station maintains the milk temperature at 4 degree Celsius which helps milk from getting spoiled until tanker comes to pick up the milk to main processing plant.

By Tankers, milk is then transported to the processing plant or packing station where they standardise and pack as per the product range they have. From processing plant, packed milk is then transported to Sales office/ Regions in Insulated/Refrigerated Trucks. Again at Sales office/Region Milk is then distributed to the different routes in the region in smaller trucks or autos to milk sales agents.

On top of intensive transportation operations, timing and efficiency very important for a dairy for effective sales and customer service. Any discrepancy in the transportation operation will cost Dairies a lot and also their reputation in the market will be at stake.

Most of the dairies will operate by outsourcing entire or part of the transportation vehicles so that they can concentrate on their core business than to worry about fleet management.

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Role of GPS / GPRS vehicle tracking in dairy industry TrackMyAsset for dairy has 3 different modules

  1. Tracking procurement vehicles
  2. Tracking milk tankers
  3. Tracking of milk distribution or sales vehicles at different levels

Procurement vehicles

Milk collection is a challenging task. As milk is operated at normal temperature, timely receiving of milk at chilling plants is very important to avoid the spoilage of milk.

Optimisation and real-time monitoring of procurement vehicle will enhance the operation efficiency

Apart from Real Time monitoring, GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking solves the very important problem faced by almost all dairies.

Transportation Bill Generation for Procurement vehicle.

Distance covered and  In a time of vehicle to chilling plants in Morning and evening trips will be automatically generated from the system. Which helps in top level management understand transportation operation at Procurement level.

Milk Tankers

Once the milk is collected at chilling plants, Tankers will move Milk to the Processing/ Packing stations. Vehicles moving on the road are prone to many discrepancies such as Accidents, tire punctures, Slow moving traffic, Over speed, Unauthorised Stoppage of the vehicle, uninformed Route deviations by drivers and many other due to drivers miss behaviour.

All of the above problems can be addressed by simply installing GPS/GPRS tracking device and monitoring. Auto monitor will give you automatics alerts by SMS or App alert whenever there is a discrepancy in operation

Product Distribution

Timing is name of the Game when it comes to Milk sales and distribution. Dairies should make sure milk is delivered to all of its agents on time as milk has to reach household early in the morning. At the same time, Dairies should also ensure the reach of the milk products to all its sales agents without fail. GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking will help you realise the same.

GPS Products

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