TMA Employee Tracking Solutions


Characteristics of GPS Technology:

  • Accuracy
  • Immediacy
  • Convenience


These characteristics of GPS Technology that make it attractive to employers for the purposes of tracking employees:


Bosses like having a way of knowing where an employee is. Much of this has to do with the need for productivity seeing who is and isn’t performing commensurately with their pay and making decisions to fire some, promote or give raises to others, and more.

These legitimate needs of business, namely in the actions employers take to meet them, can be at odds with the rights employees have, or think they have, to privacy in the workplace.


Employee Tracking System will help managers to manage tasks assigned to employees and time spent in each task.

  • Manager can assign Tasks to employees
  • Monitor Tasks Status and time spent on each Task
  • Employee Activity History


If you are interested in purchasing a GPS tracking system to monitor your employees in the field. We have GPS solutions for almost any application, just tell us what you need and we’ll help you select the right system for tracking your employees in the field.




  • Mobile employee management system
  • Alerts on route deviation
  • Alerts on Entry and Exit
  • Track time and delays


This System helps the admin to keep track of the employee’s who go for field work.  Since GPS location of the employee is tracked, so the employee will not attempt to add proxy attendance.

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