Best School Bus GPS Tracking Solutions

How TrackMyAsset can Help School Transportation

Best GPS School Bus Tracking Solutions:

When comes to the school Transportation System, Safety is the 1st priority. Apart from safety, information to parents on pick and drop timings is also considered to be important given busy schedule of working parents.

TrackMyAsset as the name suggests, best GPS/GPRS vehicle tracking solution, started to address the problems facing by the transportation industry.

GPS positioning with a lot of other inputs like ignition, AC, the temperature can be monitored in real-time from a vehicle.

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Below are the Few other reports that can be generated from School Bus tracking system

  • Driver Report
  • Vehicle Maintainance Reports
  • Fuel Reports
  • Trip Reports

How TrackMyAsset for school transportation work

  1. We take all the students Pick and drop location
  2. Assign the routes to school Buses and Students
  3. When a bus is about to arrive at pick up or drop location SMS or App alert will be sent to Parent or guardian. Which help parents to save time waiting at bus stops in unpredictable traffic conditions in cities
  4. School Bus tracking system will raise different alerts to management on route deviation and over speed.
  5. By integrating RFID to GPS tracking device, Student attendance can also be monitored while boarding and deboarding the bus. Which will also help in ensuring the safety of kids/ Students
  6. A Camera can also be integrated with the tracking system.
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