How does TMA help in personal vehicle tracking?

Essentially, hardware contains a GPS chip which acquires latitude and longitude or Geo coordinates from GPS satellites. Along with the Geo coordinates other data like ignition, AC, temperature, fuel level of the vehicle is transmitted to telemetrics cloud servers using GSM Network  This data will be analyzed and presented in an intuitive dashboard and report to the stakeholders in the system.

In the scope of the data, many reports and alerts can be generated.

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Salient Features of TMA GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution:

  • Real time live to track of vehicles
  • Historic Playback of path traversed
  • Vehicle current position with detailed information
  • Informative Dashboard with vehicle usage statistics
  • Comprehensive Route analysis
  • Login master to handle multiple logins as per hierarchy
  • Daily, Weekly and monthly reports

Basic Reports

  • Live status of the vehicle: Including speeding, direction, distance traveled and location on Google maps or any other maps
  • History playback or path traversed: 6 to 12 months of data is stored in the system and one can check the path traversed by vehicles
  • Over Speed Alert: A user can set the speed limit after which user will get alerted if the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.
  • Geo-fence Alert: A user can set Geofences and get alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves the Geofence.
  • Fuel monitoring: Users can monitor fuel level with the advanced fuel sensors integrated with GPS tracking device. Existing resistive type fuel sensor can be used to monitor but, it’s not very accurate but is a cheaper option. Capacitive or ultrasonic fuel sensor give more accurate with 1% tolerance. Which are bit expensive.
GPS Products

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