Benefits of GPS Tracking

10 Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices for Transportation Vehicles

  1. Save Time: “Time is money”-people in the transportation business have realized how true the statement is. There are occasions when your fleet gets stuck in the traffic for several minutes. With a proper fleet management system, your fleet managers will be able to guide the drivers to avoid the busy streets a real-time basis.
  2. Field Service Management: Companies with a field service workforce for services such as repair or maintenance, must be able to plan field workers’ time, schedule subsequent customer visits and be able to operate these departments efficiently. Vehicle tracking allows companies to quickly locate a field engineer and dispatch the closest one to meet a new customer request or provide site arrival information.
  3. Fleet Management: When managing a fleet of vehicles, knowing the real-time location of all drivers allows management to meet customer needs more efficiently. Whether it is delivery, service or other multi-vehicle enterprises, drivers now only need a mobile phone with telephony or Internet connection to be inexpensively tracked by and dispatched efficiently.
  4. Reduce Operating Expenses: Investing in a GPS tracking system or a good fleet management system will allow you to choose the best and shortest routes for your vehicles. Not to mention, this will help you reduce fuel consumption, unnecessary overtime costs.
  5. Better Customer Service: Your dispatchers will have a bird’s eye view on where drivers are located and which are available to take on a new assignment. This is great for those last minute clients who may not only add to your current bottom line but also bring you future business and new clients.
  6. Real Time Delivery Notification: Real-time delivery notification has lots of advantages, especially for delivery companies. The customers want to know about their goods and the time of delivery. The company can get the exact location of the vehicle and share it with the customer. It is also very helpful for the company itself because they can track the vehicle and find out that everything is according to plan or not.
  7. Get Timely Alerts: GPS tracking systems can send SMS or email alerts when your vehicle goes out of your business zone. Besides, the software can send timely notifications in case of accidents and other mishaps so that you can take the necessary steps.
  8. Asset Tracking: Companies needing to track valuable assets for insurance or other monitoring purposes can now plot the real-time asset location on a map and closely monitor movement and operating status.
  9. Manage Fuel Consumption: Any logistic or utility company spends most of the money on the clash royale hack 2017 no survey fuel. Proper fuel management is the best way to save money for the company. By using GPS device, fuel can be saved by seeing the mileage and fuel consumption by the software. If any vehicle is consuming more fuel and how to enter cheat codes in clash royale giving less mileage, you can take further actions. Fleet admin can know which vehicle needs a mechanic check and what is the fuel consumption of the fleet. The data helps in restricting the wastage of fuel.
  10. Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Both consumer and commercial vehicles can be outfitted with RF or GPS units to allow police to do tracking and recovery. In the case of LoJack, the police can activate the tracking unit in the vehicle directly and follow tracking signals.