What is the future of GPS Technology in the Fleet Management and Tracking Business?

GPS Technology in Fleet Management

GPS is the root for Fleet Management. It is a technique used by service providers to let their clients have real time update of anything. A fleet GPS tracker helps you to get real time update of person, vehicle or any other thing.

Fleet Management System via SMS alerts and emails, allows you to track multiple fleet vehicles and their movement every second.Track the route of the vehicle and also allows route replay.

Here are some Benefits of Fleet Management using GPS Device:

1.Increase Performance and Profits:

There can be a significant reduction in employee overtime costs and driver downtime, reduced maintenance costs directly affect the bottom line. Also,it improves route efficiency and fleet metrics that allow expanding customer base.

2.Improved Fleet Operations:

GPS tracking systems enable real-time decision making plus enhanced accountability of drivers and assets. Also,gives Instant access to vehicle efficiency and driver productivity data can help a company better manage the costs related to fleet operations.

3.Reduce Maintenance Costs and Vehicle Wear & Tear:

A fleet tracking system will monitor each vehicle and send alerts to notify you when a vehicle requires repairs or maintenance.This can help to reduce excessive tire and engine deterioration which will extend the life of your trucks and equipment.

4.Efficient Routing & Dispatching Support:

GPS technology enables dispatchers to use real-time driver locations for time-sensitive dispatching.This technology can help dispatchers to identify service and delivery route overlaps, and to avoid difficult traffic areas that cause driver to be delayed or get lost.

5.Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Use:

Unauthorized and after-hours use of company vehicles can be identified and controlled with real-time data gathered from a fleet management system.

Many schools and parents use it for school bus tracking for the safety of children.When a bus is about to arrive at pick up or drop location SMS or App alert will be sent to Parent or guardian. Which help parents to save time waiting at bus stops in unpredictable traffic conditions in cities

By integrating RFID to GPS tracking device, Student attendance can also be monitored while boarding and deboarding the bus. Which will also help in ensuring the safety of kids/ Students

Locate your workforce on field and also assign work to them in real time by sitting in the office or home, the manager can allocate work to its field staff.

In today’s fast-paced world, field force automation allows companies to manage field teams from anywhere. Besides, field force automation can instantly improve your field team productivity and increase sales.

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