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FMA120 Real Time Fuel GPS Tracker

Feature list:

  • Small and easy to mount case
  • Internal GSM antenna and Internal GPS/GLONASS antenna allow mount FM1120 much easier
  • Real Time tracking

Smart data acquisition – based on time, distance, angle, ignition and I/O events allow to have a precise online tracker.Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)

  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections for GPRS traffic saving
  • Operating in roaming networks by preferred GSM providers list
  • Events from I/O elements detection and sending via GPRS or SMS
  • Scheduled 24 coordinates SMS sending when GPRS not available
  • 5 geofence zones (rectangular or circle)
  • Auto Geofencing crested for car towing detection and car theft prevention
  • Deep Sleep mode (less than 2 mA power consumption)
  • FOTA (firmware updating via GPRS)
  • 3 operational modes (Home, Roaming, Unknown) based on operator


Integrated scenarios:


  • Over speeding to secure driver and prevent penalties
  • Immobilizer function
  • Authorized driving (1-Wire® iButton ID keys up to 50 iButton keys)use to prevent stealing or indicate drivers
  • Trip start and end detection
  • FMA120 supports remote logs reading

FMA120 supports remote diagnostic logs functionality using GPRS. Possible issues resolving becomes faster. Manufacturer can read logs remotely using SMS/GPRS to diagnose the FM1120 and timely respond to the fault

FMA120 GPS Tracker Specifications


  • GSM
  • Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz
  • GPRS class 10 (up to 856 kbps)
  • SMS (text/data)
  • NMEA protocol compatible
  • Messages: GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, TXT
  • 32 channel GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Not less than-160 dBm


  • 1 Digital Input Reserved for ignition Status Monitoring
  • 2 Digital Input
  • 1 Analog input(10V or 30V range)
  • 2 Digital Open-collector Outputs(connecting external relays, LED, buzzers etc.)
  • 1 Wire® temperature sensor
  • 1 wire® iButton
  • Motion sensor
  • Power supply(+10…+30) V DC
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Internal GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • Integrated backup battery

FMA120 GPS Tracking Device Dimensions


  • L(65mm)*W(56,6mm)*H(18,9mm)
  • 2 Status LEDs

Configuration and firmware upload(FOTA and via cable)

  • One
  • Two
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