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MVT 380 GPS Tracker for all Vehicles

The MVT380, an anti-theft vehicle tracker, is specially designed for high-end vehicles to implement real-time monitoring and provide protection with GPS/GSM/GPRS functions and high stability.


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The MVT380 offers essential functions like

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Geo-Fence creation
  • An S.O.S. Button and
  • Two-Way Audio.

The MVT380 can keep a log of the distance and places it has traveled in order to have a detailed report when needed.

This GPS logging feature alone makes the MVT380 different than its sister model the MVT380.

Configure the MVT380 and add accessories like a relay to take advantage of the engine stop command.

Turn on the sleep mode to conserve energy microphone and speaker to take advantage of the two-way audio, and the listed in the feature.

This is perfect GPS tracker for commercial and personal use where it is vital that the GPS tracker keeps a log of the destinations where it has traveled.

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